We are well aware of how tiring, stressful and time-consuming it is to finish the apartment from the moment of its purchase to the final effect, ready to live. Quite often the apartments have only white plasters, the property is returned raw. The buyer is responsible for finishing the apartment, which is not an easy task. There are many questions and doubts – what floor to choose, what color to paint the walls, how to arrange the bathroom, you must also find an idea for the kitchen. The property should be primarily useful for the owner, as well as possible short-term tenants. How to handle it?

Nieruchomości w kurortach comes to your aid. We will guarantee you a comprehensive finishing touches to the apartment and equipment of the property. Our offer includes support, assistance, advice and purchase of all elements necessary to equip the property and finishing works carried out by professional specialists. These works include painting the walls, plastering the walls if necessary, assembling panels, tiles, the entire kitchen including household appliances, living room construction with audio-visual equipment, screwing and assembling furniture, closets, beds.

This type of investment requires attention to detail. Potential short-term tenants focus on details – it is important that the property is well finished at every stage. It is an investment which is supposed to earn money all the time. At Nieruchomości w kurortach we know how to help you in this.